Thank you Lisa Mei Norton and Big Dawg Music Radio!

Beautiful, talented and hard-working patriot Lisa Mei.

Beautiful, talented and hard-working patriot Lisa Mei.

I had the time of my life as Lisa’s guest last night on her excellent program Off The Hook. Aside from being one of the most talented, dedicated and hard-working patriots I know, Lisa is also a gracious host and conversationalist. It’s no surprise that Big Dawg Music Radio attracts such a loyal following and such multi-talented artists.

Lisa and I covered a multitude of topics including culture, politics, Sarah Palin, music and so much more, including an on-air chat with Ellen, The Conservative Diva. If you missed it live, click below to listen.

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Will Your Kids Be College Ready?

I received this short video today and even I was shocked. Jason Zimba, a professor of physics and math at Bennington College in Vermont and lead writer of the Common Core math standards admits most kids will NOT be college ready for many universities. Zimba said “If you want to take calculus your freshman year in college, you will need to take more mathematics than is in the Common Core,”. Now just how is that “rigorous”?

Here is the video of interaction between Jason Zimba and Dr. Sandra Stotsky. Dr. Stotsky sat on the Common Core Validation Committee but stepped down once she realized that Common Core “Standards” were “not going to be preparing American students for authentic college level work in ANY subject”.

Meet Dr. Stotsky as she explains who she is and her frustration with Common Core:

I urge EVERYONE to share information and get involved to STOP COMMON CORE!

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The Money Masters

MoneyMastersFirst a confession: Once upon a time I used to think most of the End The Fed advocates were a little nutty. Mostly because so many of them were raging anti-Semites and “9/11 was an inside job” Ron Paul truthers with no clue as to the very real and imminent danger of Islamic Jihad. At least most of the ones I used to bump into at various events.

It wasn’t until I was hired to ghostwrite a fictional book that draws heavily upon the history of oppression of everyday people by the powerful (whether government entities, religious hierarchies or monarchies) that my eyes were opened, thanks to one very enlightening documentary by journalist William Still entitled The Money Masters.

This three-hour film delves into the ancient, sordid history of money. While long, I highly recommend taking the time to view. From the Roman Empire to the ministry of Jesus, from Canon Law to the Rothschild family, from Andrew Jackson to Abraham Lincoln, you’ll come away with an education you probably never received in your formal schooling. I know I was never taught any of this in my American or European history classes. WATCH and share with everyone you know. And let us know what you think!

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Q: Why Is Big Business Supporting Common Core? A: Profit!

I oppose Common Core and I just CUT UP my Exxon/Mobil credit card! What other reason would Exxon/Mobil, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco et al have to support CCSS beside the huge profit they stand to gain off the backs of our children?

If CCSS is implemented in Florida I for one will be pulling my child OUT of public school to homeschool. Yes I know CCSS is aligned with SAT & ACT…I’ll worry about that later! For now I refuse to have my child indoctrinated by BIG business, Jeb Bush, Bill Gates, or anyone else!

Rick Scott are you listening? NO COMMON CORE!!!

Read more here at Sunshine State News

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Do You Know About Common Core?

Below is a 5 part video series put together by Stop Common Core
featuring Jane Robbins of The American Principles Project. She explains how Common Core, aka CCSS, came to be and who was involved in it’s creation.

If you are a parent, grandparent, taxpayer, or just someone who loves America you really need to learn about Common Core. Not only is CCSS bad for our children it is also bad for America! Watch the videos and see for yourself.

Video Part 1 discusses how CCSS came to be and the testing

Video Part 2 talks about states rights (10th Amendment) and the “standards”

Video Part 3 talks about the data mining, tracking of our children, and the high cost of implementation

Video Part 4 talks about the National Standards and the future effects

And finally part 5 of this series talks about what we can do to STOP COMMON CORE

In my humble opinion if we don’t stop Common Core the future of American exceptionalism will cease to exist. Why shouldn’t our children enjoy the same freedoms past generations have enjoyed? My child is not common….is yours? Together we can STOP COMMON CORE!

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Tune in to hear me on Lisa Mei’s “Off The Hook” Show!

Beautiful, talented and hard-working patriot Lisa Mei.

Beautiful, talented and hard-working patriot Lisa Mei.

I’ve been a fan and friend of the beautiful, talented and hard-working patriot Lisa Mei for several years, as well as a member of her fabulous culture warrior organization, Big Dawg Music Mafia. So I was delighted to accept Lisa’s gracious invitation to be her guest on her Saturday night show “Off The Hook.” I hope you can tune in at 10 p.m. Eastern tomorrow, October 26. Via Facebook:

Our Spotlight this week is on the lovely conservative author, blogger, radio host and new media DIVA, Ms Daria DiGiovanni. We will be chatting with Ms. DiGiovanni about all her exciting new projects, books, shows, etc. You won’t want to miss this show!

Listen at Big Dawg Music Radio ( or via phone at 347-838-8898 or Skype at the link below):

Join us every Saturday night at 10:00 PM EST — for some American Culture Music. It’s a spectacular way to unwind and dust off the humdrum of the week with some amazing music and extraordinary company. So grab your favorite beverage and snacks, kick off your boots, and be prepared to be blown away by some multi-talented grassroots artists who happen to be — Conservatives and Libertarians

“Off the Hook” features original music by American Culture Artists at BigDawg Music Mafia and a guest Spotlight artist each week.

“Afterburner” is our LIVE listener request and dedication where we play songs YOU want to hear in our second hour.  Call in to request your favorite song, dedicate a song on the air, or let us know in chat. Hosted by Lisa Mei, produced and directed by Lisa Day.

We’ll be talkin’ The Conservative Diva, The We Built That Network, Writestream Radio, writing, social media marketing and of course, culture and politics. I hope you can listen and call in tomorrow night at 10 p.m. Eastern!


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Bill Whittle on Common Core

The educational equal of Obamacare. Watch as Bill provides some fascinating historical context based on the insights of former Congressman Thad McCotter.

Visit to find out how you can get involved in destroying it….before it destroys our nation.

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Michelle Malkin on Glenn Beck and the GOP’s Grover Norquist Problem

Beck-Gaffney-Greenfield-620x310From one of our favorite conservative female warriors, Michelle Malkin:

Loyal readers are well aware of the work I’ve done exposing Grover Norquist’s dangerous Islamist alliances and progressive proclivities (see comprehensive links below). Earlier today, Glenn Beck used his mighty platform to shine a bright spotlight on the GOP’s Grover Norquist problem.

Read and watch Beck’s interview with Frank Gaffney and David Greenfield of David Horowitz’s Freedom Center here. He’s got much more coming.

Ellen and I will play and discuss Glenn’s interview with Frank Gaffney and David Greenfield on Inalienable Right tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern.


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Balazs Szabo to join Daria on Writestream Tuesday

Political refugee, artist and author of Knock In The Night Balazs Szabo has released a new book — Tweezer Beezer. A heart-warming, real-life tale of family love centering around a very special mynah bird the author and his sons adopted back in the 80s, Tweezer Beezer is wonderful read for kids of all ages. And with the Holidays fast approaching, a perfect gift for the readers in your life.

To listen on Tuesday, click on this link. Or call in at (347) 945-7246 to listen by phone.

Read my review of Tweezer Beezer here.

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Agenda 21 author Harriet Parke fights like a girl!

Last Christmas I received Harriet Parke’s novel Agenda 21, published in partnership with Glenn Beck, as a gift from my brother and sister-in-law, who’d gone to see him when he stopped by King of Prussia, PA on the book tour. Little did I know that less than a year later, I’d develop a close friendship with the author and visit her and her husband at their home in western Pennsylvania.

If you haven’t read Agenda 21, I highly recommend not only reading it but sharing it with everyone you know, especially low-information voters. The book will entertain them as a fictional narrative but it will also instruct them of the dangers of the U.N.’s Agenda 21 and the dire threat it poses to our freedom. Check out my book review at here.

And click below to listen to my Writestream interview with Harriet.

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