Christie Cheerleaders Coulter and Ingraham Attack Sarah Palin

Ever since her ridiculous championing of man-made global warming believing, cap-and-trade and Ground Zero Mosque supporting and Sharia Law-denying New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at CPAC earlier this year, I’d lost a tremendous amount of respect for Ann Coulter. Ditto for Laura Ingraham whose snotty attitude and recent condescending remarks about Tea Partiers who disliked Congressman Allen West’s vote on the debt ceiling have had the same effect.

So it wasn’t a total surprise when the two got together on Fox News for the sole purpose of trashing not only Sarah Palin, but her base of supporters whom they likened to Obama Kool-Aid drinkers.

While I cannot speak to the motivation behind this “bitch-fest” as Mr. L has accurately coined it, I would like to point out the many flaws and inconsistencies in this hypocritical exchange — which was something I’d expect to see on The View, not Fox News. Then again, with a few exceptions (contributor Michelle Malkin, e.g.) Fox has been a huge disappointment of late.

For one thing, as I noted over at Revolutionary Media, Palin’s enthusiastic base of supporters is not comprised of rabid cultists, but rather smart, engaged and patriotic Americans with a deep respect for Palin’s consistent record of commonsense conservatism over her 20 years in public life. We recognize that her record stands up to scrutiny, and that unlike the rest of the field, she’s never had to adjust her positions or policies for political expediency. We appreciate her political courage — first seen on the national stage when she boldly called out Obama repeatedly on the campaign trail and then later when she led the charge against the odious Obamacare legislation and the rest of his freedom-killing agenda in the summer of 2009.

Sarah Palin fearlessly confronts union thugs in Wisconsin in a rousing address to Tea Party activists in April, 2011.

Perhaps it’s too much to expect Coulter and Ingraham to give credit where it’s due, but nowhere in their discussion last night was there any mention of Palin’s influence on the 2010 midterms; the time and money she spent endorsing and stumping for strong candidates like Nikki Haley; the multitude of substantive policy statements she’s made via Facebook notes pertaining to everything from quantitative easing to foreign policy to domestic drilling; her multitude of speeches at various events, including the India Conclave and her unscripted interview with the Long Island Business Association.

Perhaps it slipped their minds that Palin’s record of accomplishment and enactment of “sudden, relentless reform” in Alaska inspired conservative film maker Stephen K. Bannon to invest a significant amount of time and money into producing a film highlighting her illustrious political record so that people who’ve been brainwashed by the media hit-job on her would have the opportunity to get the facts about who Sarah Palin really is.

Bitterly clinging to our principles and our support for Sarah Palin in the pouring rain.

And maybe they are oblivious to the reality that Palin’s appeal to conservative voters is strong enough to compel them to travel halfway around the country just to see her give a speech at a Tea Party rally — even in the driving rain. As I noted, there were about 20 states represented in Iowa and every individual with whom I interacted was smart, savvy, committed and knowledgeable — not simply about Sarah Palin’s achievements, but also about the fact that both parties have driven this beloved country to the brink of disaster.

Which brings me to my real issue with the Ingraham-Coulter exchange: the blatant hypocrisy. Coulter displayed a stunning lack of self-awareness when she dissed Palin’s supporters as nothing more than clueless cheerleaders. Hey Ann, we’re not the ones shilling for a New Jersey blowhard who supports cap-and-trade legislation, believes in man-made global warming, ridicules anyone who takes issue with the Ground Zero Mosque and dismisses real concern about creeping Sharia Law as “crap.” And in spite of all of these negatives against Chris Christie, you continue to promote him as a legitimate candidate. Dare I say, you verge on making yourself look like a lovesick school girl? Christie after all, has stated repeatedly that he is definitely not running.

Sarah Palin signs autographs and greets supporters including author Frank Aquila at the Restoring America Rally in Iowa.

At least Palin tells us she’s seriously considering it and will announce her decision before the deadline, so there’s legitimate reason for her supporters to promote her candidacy — aside from the fact that she’s a fantastic candidate with a record that matches her rhetoric. Tragically, the same cannot be said of the current crop of contenders, with varying degrees of importance.

Yes, Christie takes on the unions. So do Scott Walker in Wisconsin and John Kasich in Ohio — very effectively and without the theatrics. Funny but I don’t hear you ever offer praise for either one of them.

And Laura, in case you missed it, Tea Party voters have a real problem with Romneycare and no amount of deference to alleged “states rights” is going to justify it away. Haven’t we spent the last 2 1/2 years railing against overrreaching government policies and demanding repeal? What makes you think Mandate Mitt is a contender? By the way, he also believes in man-made global warming, to the delight of Al Gore. Yeah, that’ll fire up the base. By the way, in case you missed it nearly 1,000 showed up to see Palin in New Hampshire versus a handful for Romney. Guess they were all just a bunch of stupid hillbillies too. Oh and then there’s the small matter of the FreedomWorks-sponsored protest against the former governor of Massachusetts. I suppose that also slipped your mind while you were busy trashing the former governor of Alaska.

Finally, your cattiness in ridiculing Sarah Palin’s accent was especially off-putting and completely unprofessional. It smacks the kind of immaturity one would expect from teenage high school girls, not prominent lawyers and pundits who claim to care about everyday Americans from coast to coast who — by the way — speak with various accents. And just for the record, neither one of yours is particularly appealing.

So go ahead and ridicule Palin and her supporters all day long. Just don’t be surprised when we stop tuning in and buying your books. If you can’t at least be honest and forthright in your criticism, we’ll invest our time and money elsewhere. Seems my two year-old column on Female Jealousy and Sarah Palin is more relevant today than ever.

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2 Responses to Christie Cheerleaders Coulter and Ingraham Attack Sarah Palin

  1. Tim Overlin says:

    Coulter has really lost me…not sure what Ingraham’s problem is.

    My main problem with Palin is the fact that she said over and over during the last election cycle that she was only going to support non-establishment, truly conservative candidates. Well, here in Iowa she endorsed one of the most establishment RINO candidate for governor possible. Never really heard a response to all of the true conservatives as to why. In fact, there were reports of comments being removed from her Facebook page that were critical of her endorsement.

  2. Ron says:

    Once Ms. Palin declare her candidacy, i will donate my hard earned money to ensure her victory over the other GOP candidates.

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