CPAC Conservative Blogger of the Year 2011 Colludes with CAIR to Infiltrate BREC

Well, well, well. Ellen and I have certainly taken heat from other conservatives over our truthful expose of Shark Tank Blogger Javier Manjarres. Looks like we’ve finally been vindicated…by “El Sharko” himself. From Red Broward:

On Monday evening, the monthly Broward GOP meeting turned into a scene right out of Perry Mason or Law & Order.  In front of several hundred Broward Republican activists, Nezar Hamze admitted that Javier Manjarres of The Shark Tank blog “encouraged” him to join the Broward GOP.

Mr. Hamze, executive director of CAIR South Florida, is an outspoken critic of Congressman Allen West and U.S. Senate candidate Adam Hasner. He submitted an application to join the Broward Republican Executive Committee. The application asks:

Whom may we thank for referring you.

BREC Vice Chair Collen Stolberg read aloud the names on Hamze’s application. One of those names was Javier Manjarres. Mr. Manjarres, an alternate committeeman and editor of The Shark Tank blog, rushed to the front of the room to deny he recommended Hamze. BREC Chairman Richard DeNapoli ask Stolberg to read the form again. She read the same names.

Then, in front of the entire audience, Hamze told Manjarres, “you’re the one that told me you believed in freedom of religion, and that I should join the BREC.”

After his role in this publicity stunt was exposed, Manjarres returned to his seat amid considerable boos and jeers from the audience.

The Committee held a vote by secret ballot on Hamze’s application for membership. De Napoli announced Hamze had been denied membership by a vote of 158 to 11.

In a videotaped interview following the meeting, Mr. Hamze told REDBROWARD.COM that Javier Manjarres did in fact “encourage” him to join the Broward GOP. Unhappy with the information going public, Mr. Manjarres chased the REDBROWARD reporter around the meeting room with his video camera. Later, in a quote in The Miami Herald, Mr. Manjarres stated, “It was a set up.”

Manjarres and Hamze have had extensive contact. Hamze’s attempt to join the Broward GOP has been the subject of numerous Shark Tank stories.

Visit Red Broward for the full story. And check out this video:

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About Diva Daria

Diva Daria was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in the nearby suburb of Media. The youngest of five children in a close-knit family, she earned a B.A. in English from Villanova University before relocating to South Florida at age 27. A passionate wordsmith from a very early age, her professional experience includes copywriting, website content, e-proposal and RFP writing, blogging, book editing and social media marketing. Her first novel, Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal, was released in September of 2008; she is hard at work on a sequel, Sea to Shining Sea. Daria has appeared on numerous internet talk radio programs on BTR, including The Neidner Show, Blurb! Talk Radio, Red State Town Hall, Patriot Action Live, The Catholic Revolver and Young Gun Conservative. After a stint as Premo Mondone's co-host on Red State Talk Radio, she began co-hosting Conservative Republican Forum with local friend and activist Steven Rosenblum in May, 2009, where she remained for four years. In 2013, Daria founded the Writestream Radio Network and co-founded the We Built That Network with Zook Zangsten. When not on the air or blogging, Daria ghostwrites books and provides social media marketing services for a variety of clients.
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4 Responses to CPAC Conservative Blogger of the Year 2011 Colludes with CAIR to Infiltrate BREC

  1. Tamara says:

    EXCELLENT Work Diva’s this was a potential serious problem. I now (like many in South Florida) older Muslims who have come here to GET AWAY from political theocratic Islam, and want NOTHING to do with Sharia and all that mess. Those people could have been potentially exposed to a group like CAIR.

    Voted down and resolved. And the one who acted like the scoop was the seed of the scoop, sadly, but now exposed as a double dealer. TRUST broken is hard to regain!

    Shame on SharkTank…. I suppose he is now seen as one of the sharks!

  2. Thank God says:

    Thank God the Broward GOP rejected this guy. And you were proven correct, Ellen. Manjarres is just an attention seeking creep who doesn’t care about the party…just attracting attention to his blog.

  3. Halei says:

    Well, well, well.. Looks like ol’ El Sharko is finally being exposed as the two faced, double dealer he really is! Great job, Divas!!

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