“Madison, these are the front lines in the battle for the future of our country.”

Fight like a girl.

From the ever-reliable The Right Scoop, video of Sarah Palin’s knockout speech today at a Tea Party in Madision, Wisconsin. True-to-form and on-point as always, Palin took it to both Obama and the feckless. gutless GOP Establishment. This woman is the embodiment of courage, conviction, principle and integrity — qualities sorely lacking in most of the rest of the so-called Republican presidential contenders.

Can anyone imagine a pro-life statist like Huckabee delivering a speech like this? Or Mr. “I stand by my failed  statewide experiment in socialized medicine” Romney? How about the “let’s call a truce on social issues” Mitch Daniels, who couldn’t even hold firm on fiscal conservatism? And for reasons already noted, I am having trouble visualizing celebrity blowhard Donald Trump, equal opportunity donor to RINOs like Charlie Crist and progressive Democrats like Harry Reid.

As Palin notes, they all need to “fight like a girl” — just as she and many others have, including Nikki Haley, Mary Fallin, Susana Martinez,  Marcia Blackburn and Michele Bachmann.

If given a choice in 2012 between a “Mama Grizzly” and a GOP Capitulator who wants to “reach across the aisle” (e.g. cave in on principles), give me the Mama Grizzly. I can’t wait to watch her eviscerate her opponents in the debates, starting with the weak-willed GOP retreads and ending with the Socialist-in-Chief.

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About Diva Daria

Diva Daria was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in the nearby suburb of Media. The youngest of five children in a close-knit family, she earned a B.A. in English from Villanova University before relocating to South Florida at age 27. A passionate wordsmith from a very early age, her professional experience includes copywriting, website content, e-proposal and RFP writing, blogging, book editing and social media marketing. Her first novel, Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal, was released in September of 2008; she is hard at work on a sequel, Sea to Shining Sea. Daria has appeared on numerous internet talk radio programs on BTR, including The Neidner Show, Blurb! Talk Radio, Red State Town Hall, Patriot Action Live, The Catholic Revolver and Young Gun Conservative. After a stint as Premo Mondone's co-host on Red State Talk Radio, she began co-hosting Conservative Republican Forum with local friend and activist Steven Rosenblum in May, 2009, where she remained for four years. In 2013, Daria founded the Writestream Radio Network and co-founded the We Built That Network with Zook Zangsten. When not on the air or blogging, Daria ghostwrites books and provides social media marketing services for a variety of clients.
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6 Responses to “Madison, these are the front lines in the battle for the future of our country.”

  1. Michael Teuber says:


  2. Diva Ellen says:

    I pray Sarah decides to run! I think she and Allen West are are last great hope for America!!!

  3. Fonchile says:

    What?! This woman hasn’t uttered an intelligible phrase that I’ve ever heard. She is barely capable of being the Blowhard that the “Donald” has been described as. Her credentials DO NOT EXIST. What she has is the ear of voters who, knowingly or not, cater to the agenda of the Koch brother funded Tea Party machine that lobbies for and promotes the interests of Big Business not so cleverly disguised as fiscal conservativism. Believe what you will about Palin but do it as an informed member of the electorate.
    What on earth does a former union member and member of a teaching family mean by using the phrase”Union Bosses”?! Any union member knows there are no such people!! That’s Big Business speaking. And why on earth does anyone think either the dems, the g.o.p. or the “wee party” can do anything to stand in the way of Coorperations taking our government in any direction the money demands?! Instead of throwing political support to a loud mouth who doesn’t understand the system she is thoroughly a part of and proclaims to be against, why not expend voting power to assure that businesses aren’t running our country into the ground?

    • Steve R says:

      Yes, “union bosses”. You may have heard of them, Richard Trumka (AFL-CIO) who proudly announces that he’s in the White House weekly and on the phone with them several times a week. Andy Stern (formerly of the SEIU) who is another frequent visitor to the White House. And the NEA’s Chief Counsel Robert Chanin, who famously said, “It is not because we care about children, and it is not because we have a vision for a great public school for every child. The NEA and its affiliates are effective advocates because we have power. And we have power because there are more than 3.2 million people who are willing to pay us hundreds of million of dollars in dues each year”.

      These are the “union bosses” that have the ear of the President and are destroying our industrial and educational greatness. The exist and they have an agenda that falls in line with the liberal/progressive-Democratic Party agenda. They want equal outcomes and redistribution of wealth.

      Sarah Palin may not be my first choice for President, but she has been fighting the establishment and corruption for her entire political career and she’s much smarter than the media portrays her.

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  5. Diva Ellen says:

    Andrew….this is the best response I have seen in a long time!! I am ROTFLMAO at how 0bama organized to get his future czars…..PRICELESS!!!!!

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