Making History ~ CNN/TeaParty GOP Debate in Tampa

In case you were not there, or were unable to see history being made on television, here are some video clips of the GOP Presidential debate in Tampa Florida on September 12th, 2011! I was lucky enough to be there!

The Tea Party Express teamed up with CNN for the first ever event of its kind….a Presidential Debate where the media teamed up with WE THE PEOPLE! In previous debates the questions were developed by the media. In this debate the comments were drawn from “Joe & JoAnn Citizen”. Prior to attending the debate we had to go through a security check with CNN. We were given the chance to submit our questions to the team at Turner Broadcasting. Not everyone’s questions were submitted as they used questions from various debate watch parties across the country as well as questions asked via Twitter & email.

The entire experience was one I will never forget! I do not yet have a dog in this race as I am waiting to see whether or not Sarah Palin jumps in. Too many people are committing to political campaigns knowing full well that if Palin announces they will jump ship for her! I am saving my energy and resources for Sarah!

Here is the most ridiculous moment of the debate…Ron Paul strikes again!


Here you can see me @ 1:58 “>upset after Rick Perry states “it does not matter how you got here” referring to children of illegals! With that attitude we will never solve the problem of illegal immigration!


Here are some images from the debate….you can see my friends and I in pictures #13 and #16

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2 Responses to Making History ~ CNN/TeaParty GOP Debate in Tampa

  1. What a great opportunity for you two to be at the debate. I thought it was a good one. I haven’t decided on a candidate yet, although I do know who I don’t like.

  2. Diva Ellen says:

    The debate was great…very exciting! I have no dog in this race yet….anyone but Obama!

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