Mark Levin

Although there are many stalwart conservative dudes like Jonah Goldberg and Cal Thomas exposing the spectacle that is Donald Trump, Mark Levin has been out on top this fraud from the get-go. As someone who’s been sounding the alarm bells among my conservative friends and has been dismayed by the tone-deafness of some when it comes to The Donald’s many anti-liberty shortcomings, I so appreciate Levin’s strong, principled stand.

Wake up conservatives!

A Trump candidacy and/or presidency would be an unmitigated disaster — either by virtue of him winning or of granting another four years to Obama, no matter how you may fool yourselves into believing he’s the “great conservative hope”. Before I leave you with Levin’s video below, a huge thank you to Red State for linking to my article!

Listen and learn:

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About Diva Daria

Diva Daria was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in the nearby suburb of Media. The youngest of five children in a close-knit family, she earned a B.A. in English from Villanova University before relocating to South Florida at age 27. A passionate wordsmith from a very early age, her professional experience includes copywriting, website content, e-proposal and RFP writing, blogging, book editing and social media marketing. Her first novel, Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal, was released in September of 2008; she is hard at work on a sequel, Sea to Shining Sea. Daria has appeared on numerous internet talk radio programs on BTR, including The Neidner Show, Blurb! Talk Radio, Red State Town Hall, Patriot Action Live, The Catholic Revolver and Young Gun Conservative. After a stint as Premo Mondone's co-host on Red State Talk Radio, she began co-hosting Conservative Republican Forum with local friend and activist Steven Rosenblum in May, 2009, where she remained for four years. In 2013, Daria founded the Writestream Radio Network and co-founded the We Built That Network with Zook Zangsten. When not on the air or blogging, Daria ghostwrites books and provides social media marketing services for a variety of clients.
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One Response to Mark Levin

  1. Silverfiddle says:

    Levin tells it like it is and does a great service to the cause of constitutional conservatism.

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