Diva Ellen was born in New York  City and raised in the Bronx, where she attended public school until the age of 14, when her parents enrolled her in the New Rochelle Academy for high school. Having always been a “social butterfly”, she cultivated many close friendships during her educational years, which also included attendance at the State University of New York, SUNY Cortland.

After college, Ellen embarked upon a career in the healthcare industry as a medical billing manager, working her way up to assistant manager for a prominent Park Avenue radiology practice. Upon relocating to South Florida in 1998, she continued working as a medical billing manager for a urology practice in Boca Raton, where she remained for three years before giving birth to daughter Savannah Skye. She later returned to her profession as a chiropractic billing manager for a  Lake Worth chiropractor.

Although raised with conservative values, Ellen was originally registered as Democrat in keeping  with family tradition. In 2007, after watching then-senator Barack Obama emerge from virtually nowhere to become a viable candidate for United States President ,notwithstanding his nefarious associations with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and America-damning pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright, she became incredibly concerned and frightened for the future of the USA. It was then that she decided to get involved.

Once she heard about  local candidate Lt. Col. Allen West (now congressman-elect in FL-22), Ellen knew her services were needed, so she volunteered for his original campaign in 2008, as well as for Edward Lynch in FL-19 (Ellen’s home district). These experiences reinforced the importance of taking action and sharing information with other concerned citizens; thus she turned to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to reach out to other activists and coordinate grassroots efforts. A passionate voice for freedom, Ellen was one of the most active South Florida volunteers during the 2010 midterm elections. To help reinforce efforts to reform the Republican Party, she switched her registration to the GOP and joined the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee in July, 2010.

Ellen looks forward to working hard on the success of The Conservative Diva in many capacities, including issue and policy advocacy.  She currently lives in Lake Worth Florida with her husband Jon and daughter Savannah Skye.

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