Nicole Sandler

Allen West held one of his monthly Town Hall meetings at The Calvary Chapel in Fort Lauderdale.  It seems Ms Sandler, former Air America host, could not contain herself and was escorted away in handcuffs by the Fort Lauderdale PD after “Sandler argued with a Fort Lauderdale police officer in the lobby who told her to leave the building. After she yelled at the officer for placing his hand on her, she was arrested for “trespassing after warning” and led away in handcuffs”.  Unfortunately, this scene is not uncommon in these parts. We still have some “liberal mental disorder” here in South Florida.  This is what happens when every public place you enter, from car dealerships to doctor’s offices, has CNN or MSNBC on the television.  The people are being led to believe that people like Allen West are the “bad guy”.  That could not be farther from the truth!  Allen West worked hard to get where he is because he was sick and tired of politics as usual.  The country that he gave 22 years of his life defending was be squandered by liberal progressive freaks.  West did something about it….he ran for Congress and he WON!

You can read the entire story written by George Bennett of The Palm Beach Post here.

Here is the Diva Dimwit as she is led away from the chapel……

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6 Responses to Nicole Sandler

  1. Diva Halei says:

    EXCELLENT post! Another article stated she had repeatedly aggravated Mrs. West and here you can clearly see Mrs. West turn around and give her the “shhh” signal. I LOVED his “I will not be intimidated!” remark! Please, please RUN, West, RUN!

  2. Diva Ellen says:

    Angela West exudes TOTAL CLASS!! And Allen West exudes TOTAL NON POLITICAL CORRECTNESS…LOL!!!

  3. Madaline says:

    Bravo for your Police. Gee isn’t she really just a racist?? Any crazy white woman interrupting an obama Town Hall would be labeled one.

  4. Diva Ellen says:

    Believe it or not there were no other pictures of her. She certainly does NOT look like this now…lol! This picture was definitely photoshopped!

  5. Diva Daria says:

    Yet another example of liberalism being a mental disorder! Thanks for the post, Ellen. :)

  6. Woodsterman says:

    I love it when a Lib gets theirs. Teresa led me here and I thank her. GO DIVAS !

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