Obama Press Release: We Have Provided Proof

Obama just appeared on national television for approximately 6 minutes, taking NO questions from the press.   He says he has “released” additional information and he is both “puzzled and amused” about why discussion of this issue continues.   Here is what has been released that Obama refers to as his long form birth certificate.  Obama continues with “we are going to have to get serious, we have better things to do and don’t have time for this silliness”.  Really?  He wants to “get serious”?  Now??   So the way I see it he admits he has not taken our looming issues SERIOUSLY! Could that be because he has been too busy taking vacations, playing golf, appearing on late night television, picking basketball winners, and countless other nonsensical things?

Obama also spoke about bipartisanship yet he says that “Republicans need to get to the back of the bus”!

And here is yet another suggestion of “bipartisanship” from Obama….GIVE ME A BREAK!

My thoughts about this sudden need for Obama to appear on television and address the “birth certificate” is that he is terrified! He is afraid that since people are seeing Trump appear on liberal venues that maybe he will lose more support….I hope this wakes the masses that are still asleep.

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21 Responses to Obama Press Release: We Have Provided Proof

  1. Diva Halei says:

    He’s got better stuff to do – He’s appearing on Oprah today!

  2. Steve says:

    Now Does anyone really believe that the President was not born in the United States? My conservative friends who believed the Orly Taitz’s of the world will sure insist that it’s the President’s fault that the controversy existed in the first place. But for God’s sakes people: You saw the Birth announcement in the Honolulu newspapers. You saw the short form certificate and you still refused to believe. It’s entirely the fault of the Carnival Barker’s on the Right and the 45% of Republicans who bought their crap despite all the evidence to the contrary. I am not sure which is more moronic blindly following after these pied pipers, or being utterly dismissive of the historical record.. The only people who should be vilified are the suckers who fell for this crap. The only people who ought be delegitimized or those who repeated the baseless slur. You are a blight on the Republic. Put down your torches and pitchforks, sit down and shut the hell up.

    • Jim says:

      You people are crazy. Nothing matters to you. You cannot renounce US citizenship the US doesn’t recognize it.
      You rightwingnuts are killing this nation. Please kill yourselves.

      • Jim says:

        Why do you have to bring atheism into this? it’s not my fault you buy into a fairy tale. And lets be honest anyone quoting scripture as fact is just foolish but we’re not here to talk about it.

        You’re right I was wrong about renouncing citizenship, but under the age of 18 it’s not binding.
        The US recognizes dual citizenship in a few circumstances so if you were to take your false ( I know it’s not you) birther argument. They would not stop recognizing his even if he did take Indonesian citizenship. Thanks for the argument.
        You can now go back to praying for the rapture, and then just die like the rest of us.
        Have fun giving your money to thieves in the name of god while crying about giving money to the poor for food and healthcare. What a great christian (or whatever bullshit you follow) you are.

      • Jim says:

        I never claimed to be a peace loving socialist. I’m just sick of my conversation being hijacked by a theist of any kind. I’m anti-fairytale driving my policies.

  3. Going on Oprah…now that’s what we pay him to do. It’s good to see he’s getting serious now.

  4. Diva Ellen says:

    And it took 0bama 2 1/2 years to produce this “document”….I wonder why? Maybe it took that long for the ink to dry…LOL

    Seriously though we have to focus on keeping him a One Term President before we all go up in flames!

  5. silverfiddle says:

    Obama was holding this in his back pocket waiting to use it as a trump card (pardon the pun) in the 2012 election.

    Donald forced his hand. That’s the first and last useful thing he has done in the field of American politics

  6. Diva Daria says:

    Wow, keep it classy progressives. I posted your disgusting comments so people who may not know how deranged you are can see it in writing.

  7. Unfortunately, Daria – moonbats would not know classy if it paid them to register dead voters … that Liberal “L” is for Loser. *EYE ROLL*

  8. OReallyFool says:

    Look how smart you all are. Wow. You’ll be scratching your head when Obama wins the next election. Get onto real topics, and in line with the American people. HINT They don’t care about Bama’s education or place of birth. This tea party is sinking the Republican party.

    • so true Fool – you won’t find too many birthers here – Obama’s policies are what will cause him to correctly lose the electionin 2012. We are just waiting for you lefties to catch up and realize how dangerous his policies are for you and your families as well.

      • Diva Daria says:

        Unfortunately, about 30% of the population has been imbibing progressive Kool-Aid for way too long to see the light. We need to focus on the ones who don’t pay attention to politics, yet get to determine our fate every four years.

        These people need to understand why Obama’s policies are destructive for America, e.g. the ban on domestic drilling, stimulus, crony capitalism (GE, anyone?), foreign policy weakness, racial demagoguery, class warfare, etc.

        The 30% who have allowed themselves to be taken in by pop culture, dummed down by the public education system and fooled by the mainstream media are useful idiots for the left. They should be grateful that smart people like us who understand the US Constitution are fighting this administration with everything we have. And though they’ll benefit from our intelligence, they’ll never give us credit.

        Oh well…our country is worth it.

        • OReallyFool says:

          Can you ask me that same question in 2004 and 2008? I’ll tell you in 2000 the answer was yes.
          I agree things are not rosier today than they were back then, but we’ve been on a downward spiral for over 10 years.

  9. OReallyFool says:

    I’ve seen for myself, and I’m not impressed with what I see. It’s the same old dog and pony show in another tent. Sadly I shall go unrepresented in our political system. I want common sense politics, not radicals of any kind. You and the left are all just as bad.

  10. Randak says:

    Seriously people, it doesn’t matter who is president. Not everyone will like him/her. But when someone is president obviously they have earned t no matter what. They are qualified enough to be the president so he deserves respect. Im a democrat, but i still respected bush and oter republicans. Sure i dont always agree with what they say, but would i ever publically bash the president. I am a teenager who can say this, it doesnt matter who leads us we need to unite and be a whole country and stop blaming others for our mistakes and misfortunes. We can only deal and take what our gov. Gives us. Yes we dont always like it but it is the law. If everyone wants us to be a etter country then quit arguing with each other and help your /our country out. We all are americans. So why hate on someone because of their views and thoughts?

  11. The new mam says:

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