Romney 2012: Not on my watch!

As I sat watching the news on Election Eve with butterflies in my stomach over the next day’s midterm election, someone managed to make me even more tense. While listening to him speak to Sean Hannity, I couldn’t help but think: “this man is just as out of touch with the American public as Nancy Pelosi.” Then he said it, “Our’s is an experiment, there are some mistakes in it, there are some things I’d do differently a second time around.” Mitt Romney, let me just say this to you, YOU ARE SICK!

Experimentation is a necessity in science, investing, maybe even cooking but to experiment with people’s health care is just sick. Did you experiment with your own health care? No, of course not, because you are wealthy and you knew that you would have top notch health care regardless of the outcome of your ‘experiment.’

Mr. Romney, let me tell you a story I heard a few months back…

As I was making my calls at work, I came across a gentleman from your state. He was a rough sounding Massachusetts native that sounded like the type of person that I wouldn’t want to meet in a back ally. As I looked at the gentleman’s stats on my computer screen, I noticed that he is 6 foot 4, 280 pounds. When he realized the person on the other line was a health insurance agent looking to help him he instantly softened up. He began to tell me his story.

“My wife has Multiple Sclerosis. She has been in the relapsing-remitting phase for quite some time. Adam, the problem that I am having is that the damned state of Massachusetts has created a monopoly on the insurance market. Nobody wants to do business in our state because all of the county hospitals wont give the insurance companies the normal negotiated rate that they used to give.”

I responded that Massachusetts was the hardest state for me to help people find coverage in but I never fully understood why.

He went on, “Adam, it’s because the local county hospitals will not give the normal PPO discount to any insurance company other than the state insurance company. The way the woman at the hospital explained it to me is that they do that so they don’t lose their state funding. This is my problem. The best insurance that I can afford for my wife has a $5000 deductable. The problem with that, Adam, is that she is in the hospital every year with her MS, so I’m paying out the $5000 deductable every year on top of her monthly premium, on top of the $600 a year fine that I take because I can’t afford insurance for myself.”

He now starts crying. “I think that we are going to end up having to get divorced.”

Shocked by his solution, I asked “why!?”

He fiercely replied, “Because people who don’t work get better insurance coverage than my wife does with the coverage I pay for! My tax dollars are being used to pay for insurance for people who don’t work or pay taxes, while we are sitting here struggling to get by with far worse! And for me…no coverage at all. If my wife and I divorce, she will be able to qualify for the free health care.”

At this point I am literally in tears. My significant other also has MS. She has been blessed that it hasn’t affected her as intensely as some, however, I do know how it feels to be in this man’s position.

After desperately attempting to figure out a way to get her insured, I realized that the plans I could get her approved for are not available in Massachusetts because they do not meet RomneyCare requirements. I explain to him that his only option is to try and get a job that provides group benefits and that they will have to accept her no matter what.

He responds exasperated, “Adam I had group coverage before this a**hole Romney came in here thinking he was the Prince of ****ing Persia. Premiums increased so much that my boss could no longer keep us covered.”

After leaving the man with a few encouraging words and letting him know that I would pray for him, we parted ways. I yanked the headset off my head and sat there glossy eyed staring at the computer screen. “What if that was me?”

“That could end up being me.”

Mr. Romney, your ‘experiment’ was being conducted on people. There were real human lives that were torn apart as a result of your sick ‘experiment.’ This gentleman is considering getting a divorce with his wife after 33 years of marriage so that she can get the same health care that indigents get in your state. The same coverage that this man’s tax dollars are being spent on!

The events in this story go against EVERYTHING our party stands for! You say on Hannity that your RomneyCare was meant to create a market? THAT IS A BLATANT LIE SIR! AMERICA WILL NO LONGER TOLERATE LIES FROM SMOOTH TALKING POLITICIANS LIKE YOURSELF. YOU DISGUST ME!

The fact is, your RomneyCare reform was meant to do EVERYTHING but create a market. Being the typical shark of a businessman you are, your goal was to squash the competition and gain 100% market share, eliminating all other options. The problem? Your employers are now the people of the State of Massachusetts and those options you are eliminating are theirs!

I know how health care is run. Without PPO group discounts an insurance company cannot exist. Has anyone ever looked at their “out of network” benefits on their insurance policy? They are horrible. That is what Massachusetts has become: “out of network.”

Mr. Romney, I vow to do everything in my power to make sure you are not our presidential nominee in 2012. I will walk, wave, protest, boycott and do anything else I can to make sure your phony voice isn’t speaking in presidential debates and certainly not in a presidential inauguration. All of the money you raised and gave during the midterm election was for no other reason than to get your name out there and to attempt to buy favors, the old establishment way! That “way” of politics is a thing of the past, soon enough, you will be as well.

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4 Responses to Romney 2012: Not on my watch!

  1. Sarah Nelson says:

    It’s too bad you feel that MACare is the only criteria of judging Gov. Romney. I will vote for him because he has the experience necessary to restructure Obama care allowing states to decide how to manage care at a state/local level. Also, because he has the grassroots network that defeat Obama. Nobody else in the republican party has the experience, national networking, and money to defeat Obama. Finally, if MA residents don’t like their care they can put it to a vote and change that. We are electing POTUS and he will be responsible to do much more than healthcare. The attempt by liberals to topple Gov. Romney’s nomination, and Obama mentioning him by name is the evidence they know, Romney will make Obama a one term president. ROMNIFY!

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  4. Krish says:

    Romney is Liberal in Disguise (LID – feel free to use the term!). At last, everyone in the debate pointed out! Romneycare nothing but obamacare applied to a state. Newt correctly pointed out that it Romney’s philosphy not execution that gives a clue in what he belives …which is big government… & it is consistent across many issues …TARP, Cap & Trade, Jobs….etc. If tlak show hosts do not point out this , we will have someone that is left of McCain (at least McCain was consistent about few things). He is clearly a LID & I do not see any difference between Romney & Bill Clinton with all their smooth talking & flip flops (of course, Romney keep his pants on!).

    I hope conservative in the media point out to all the people (talk show hosts & writers) that we do not have another Obama term…. it is the duty of Rush, Hannity & others to clearly tell people to avoid Romney & it is their duty to their country!

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