The Liberal Victim Mentality Explained

I was perusing the excellent site Liberty Pundits when I came across this enlightening  post from Clyde Middleton on   Robin of Berkeley’s analysis of the  liberal victim mentality.  A writer for another one of my favorite sites, American Thinker, the self-described “recovering liberal” has firsthand experience with the twisted lefty worldview. An  excerpt:

The left divides the world into good and bad victims.  People who are viewed as part of an aggrieved group are “good victims.”  Those who suffer at the hands of  these protected groups are not afforded this same status.  In fact, “bad victims,” like the middle school teacher, as well as me, are made to feel responsible for being assaulted.  Good victims are showered with attention because they reinforce the leftist party line.

The left needs to control popular opinion by censoring information that’s unflattering to its cause.  If the populace were fully informed about leftist violence, there would be a mass stampede rightward.  New Black Panther leader King Samir Shabazz railing about murdering “crackers” and their babies isn’t exactly the best PR for the progressives.

But there’s an even more disturbing reason why so many hardcore leftists divide the world into good and bad victims.  It is because many of them don’t care about human beings.

Head on over to American Thinker to read the entire thing. It’s well worth the time. And as Clyde notes  “be prepared to fight the urge to smack some sense into a liberal”. If only it were that easy.

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