We Must Stop the Mosque at Ground Zero

Last night I had the honor and privilege to meet Andy Sullivan and Courtney McNaught of BlueCollarCorner.com.  Andy was there when 9/11 actually happened.  His story is amazing and his effort to make people aware of what is REALLY going on is something every American needs to hear and share.  Please take the time to learn about Andy’s Hard Hat Pledge….make your voices heard here!

I am one of those people that will NEVER forget 9/11.  I am a native New Yorker and an American who truly cares about what happens within, and to, my country.  Last night made me realize that if we do not keep watching what happened on 9/11 and sharing it with everyone many people will forget!  That is exactly what people like Obama, Mayor Bloomberg, and Imam Rauf want us to do….FORGET!  Political Correctness MUST STOP!  We cannot be afraid to speak out about Radical Islam with our family, friends, and neighbors!  If you fear losing relationships over informing others about what you know then we will be doomed with Sharia Law!

We viewed a movie titled “Sacrificed Survivors” , you can watch the movie trailer here, that gave us an inside look at some of the families directly affected by 9/11!  The movie was heart wrenching but needs to be seen.  We must listen to those who were actually there and those whose lives were forever changed on that fateful day.  The movie has been dedicated to the youngest victim of 9/11, Christine Hanson just 2 years old.  Should Christine, or any other victim, be remembered by a Mosque at Ground Zero? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!  Here is a look at the sacrifice of The Hanson Family.

The FACES OF EVIL will give you some SHOCKING insight about who is involved with the funding for this mosque.  It will also show you how Mayor Bloomberg (NYC) is up to his eyeballs in this project!  Mayor Bloomberg….you disgust me!

The Divas plan to follow up with Andy and keep you posted on future developments!  We urge you to share this information with everyone you know!  Sharing knowledge is key!

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6 Responses to We Must Stop the Mosque at Ground Zero

  1. Mike says:

    Nice to meet Andy, a real 9/11 hero in person. The end of that movie was very emotional, but the whole thing was infuriating, seeing that entire rotten day unfold again. To think some so-and-so terrorist sympathizers were cheering on 9/11, on the streets of BROOKLYN, was just additional salt in the wounds, new to me.

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