Wonkette: UPDATED

Although “Dimwit” is too high an honor for her. What kind of deranged sicko takes out her dislike of a politician on a special-needs child? Hey Wonkette, as the sister of an older brother with Down Syndrome I can tell you: You are nothing but a soulless progressive hack who couldn’t hold a candle to him in terms of the joy he brings to others and the common sense he demonstrates every single day.

What does it feel like to sacrifice your soul on the altar of Gloria Steinem feminism? Because from my perspective, it looks cold, shallow, cruel and heartless. It’s also a pretty safe bet that if Trig had been conceived by you, his life would have been snuffed out faster than you can say “tolerance”. You’re a disgrace to women everywhere.

UPDATE: Per Karol Markowicz, Ana Marie Cox hasn’t blogged at Wonkette for a number of years. Wonkette is now written by a guy named Jack Stuef. So consider her a Dimwit for still being a progressive, Steinem feminist and we’ll “credit” Jack for writing this despicable post about Trig Palin. Both of them are equally repugnant.




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About Diva Daria

Diva Daria was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in the nearby suburb of Media. The youngest of five children in a close-knit family, she earned a B.A. in English from Villanova University before relocating to South Florida at age 27. A passionate wordsmith from a very early age, her professional experience includes copywriting, website content, e-proposal and RFP writing, blogging, book editing and social media marketing. Her first novel, Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal, was released in September of 2008; she is hard at work on a sequel, Sea to Shining Sea. Daria has appeared on numerous internet talk radio programs on BTR, including The Neidner Show, Blurb! Talk Radio, Red State Town Hall, Patriot Action Live, The Catholic Revolver and Young Gun Conservative. After a stint as Premo Mondone's co-host on Red State Talk Radio, she began co-hosting Conservative Republican Forum with local friend and activist Steven Rosenblum in May, 2009, where she remained for four years. In 2013, Daria founded the Writestream Radio Network and co-founded the We Built That Network with Zook Zangsten. When not on the air or blogging, Daria ghostwrites books and provides social media marketing services for a variety of clients.
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3 Responses to Wonkette: UPDATED

  1. Wow…just when you thought you knew the lowest depths liberals would sink to…pure evil hatred

    Stay Classy, Liberals

  2. silverfiddle says:

    Liberals don’t care about anybody but their id-driven selves. Minorities, the downtrodden, they’re all just props in their grotesque agitprop.

    The great progressive hero Margaret Sanger called beautiful young human beings like Trig, “Weeds.” She also wanted to exterminate black people, or at least keep them from breeding.

    The left is disgusting and cares nothing for human life that exists outside their own pathetic skin sack.

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